Saturday, 26 May 2012

Questions, answers and random things

Oooh I have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award - I love nominations, I love awards and I love the fact that very lovely Angela who has been the one inspiring me with her Visual Dares has nominated me! You simply must pop over to her blog here to find out more and meet her.  Being still a bit of a newbie blogger (blewbie?) it's taken me a while to realise I don't just bask in the glory of being nominated but *ahem* have to answer some questions - so finally, here they are!

1. What's your favourite song? Tricky this, I started off with a list of half a dozen then kept adding more! Depends on what day/ mood/ weather/ season it is I think! But, if there has to be one, then at this very moment in time it is Aztec Camera's Oblivious because it brings back good memories and I'm currently learning it on the guitar.

(hmmm I do hope these aren't supposed to be simple one word answers - feel I may fail at that!)

2. What's your favourite dessert?
Again - it depends! ( I can be decisive sometimes - honest!). For cold dessert I'd say Eton Mess, for hot dessert rhubarb crumble and custard yummmmm!

3. What ticks you off?
Oh - rudeness, every time. There's just no need. It's... well, rude!

4. What do you do when you're upset?
Depends what kind of upset (oh here I go again!) Going for a walk helps - or sometimes I just chunter to myself!

5. What is your favourite pet?
Has to be 2 again (sorry!) If I choose between my cat and my dog one of them will never forgive me! I really don't care for the goldfish though - that's definitely NOT my favourite.

6. Which do you prefer: black or white?
Black. Everything. Think this may come from my time as a goth - way back in the day. (At last, a simple, single answer!)

7. What is your biggest fear?
That the cat brings a half dead/ half alive mouse in and I have to decide what to do with it (don't like playing God. And I'm very squeamish.)

8. What is your attitude mostly?
Don't wait for the storm to pass - go dance in the rain.

9. What is perfection?
I don't think there is such a thing - and I'm glad, it'd be too boring! (Although the dark chocolate from Choco Museo in Cusco, Peru comes very close...)

10. What is your guilty pleasure?
Taking a hot bubble bath in the middle of the day.

OK - now for 10 random facts...

1. I hate having my feet touched but love going barefoot.

2. I once won a prize for a poem I wrote when I was 9 years old and I can still remember it (it's called Silly Sid...!)

3. When I was nine I also won a prize for my handwriting... which is now illegible (I was obviously having a really good year that year).

4. I have at various times learned to play the guitar, keyboard, clarinet and trumpet.

5. I have 2 tattoos that I like (I chose them) and 3 that I don't like (little dots the hospital tattooed on me when I had radiotherapy.)

6. I've been trekking in Peru and to Machu Picchu.

7. Being at high altitude makes me very ill!

8. I love talking but have managed to sit in silence on a retreat for a whole day.

9. I laugh a lot, often at very silly things.

10. I am 42 and happier with myself and life than ever before.

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