Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Angela dared me...

Thanks again to Angela whose visual dare has once again inspired and here is the piece I wrote in response to this weeks photo (another stunning one). Take a look at her fab blog here if you want to see the picture where this little flashy bit came from - actually I don't know where it comes from, I just scribble something, faff about with it a bit and very much enjoy myself in the process. I think this may well become a regular thing...!

From a distance they look like marooned whales, great grey mounds with an elephant skin surface jutting above the sea. They are rocks, jaggedy, slippery, bitterly cold. I know because I sit on these rocks. A melody, crystal clear, quietly strong, floats over the rolling waves, smashing and spraying skyward. It's the song of the sea. I know because it's my song. Some say here there is danger, a demon, a devil. But it's fate, it’s meant to be. I know because it's me.

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