Sunday, 13 May 2012

Now that's magic...

No, this is nothing to do with Paul Daniels, just musings on a few things that have been quite magical for mind, body and soul over the past few days.

The first magical thing has been the marvel that is modern medical science. One week after key hole surgery and I am pretty much back to 'normal' - always wonder what that is, but here it means I can take the dog for a walk, make dinner, hang the washing out and string a sentence together both verbally and in writing. An operation which, I've been repeatedly informed by my mother, used to lay women up for months can now be done in a day and has a remarkably quick recovery time. (Yes I am an optimist and firmly believe there will be no relapses... though the afternoon naps may still be in order!) As someone who lost interest in science about the time we had to dissect a frog at school but now marvels at the wonder of it all, it all seems really quite magical.

On Friday - my first outing post op - I went to see Derren Brown, who doesn't pretend that he is magic, mystical or anything but an incredibly intelligent human being and master manipulator. He is both and he is also amazing. Even when you know that it isn't, I know it really really isn't, he does such incredibly impressive things that it really does seem like it can't be anything other than magic.

My other trip of the week was yesterday, when a couple of friends and I went up the coast to a little fishing village near us called Craster.  The rain actually stopped for the day and I was desperate to get out after being housebound for a week in the house. We had a wonderful walk along to Dunstanburgh Castle, (the fact that you constantly trip over castles in this part of the world is another source of wonder) enjoyed the tastiest crab soup at the village pub and of course had the compulsory visit to the shop to buy some fresh Craster Kippers to bring home.

 All in all a pretty magical time!

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