Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A bit of R&R

Although I am the world's most impatient patient, this post-op rest and recovery time is good for some things - it's the rare time I don't have to buy flowers for myself... I've had some gorgeous ones from lovely friends and family! Other good points I'm making the most of include:
  • feeling that it's ok to settle down to listen to the Archers and immediately fall asleep
  • not feeling guilty about spending a whole morning doing nothing apart from reading a book
  • sitting on the sofa wrapped in my huge huggable cashmere blanket without caring that I look like a pensioner
  • not cooking - as I was so fantastically (or fanatically) organised and made and froze loads of meals last week, all I have to do is take something out of the freezer and dinner is practically ready-made!


  1. You look after yourself, enjoy the flowers and the rest, lots of love xxx