Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's all about me!

The last time I played tag was, ooh, probably about 1979 when I was intent on tagging Kelvin, my then latest playground crush. But thanks to Linda - I have been virtually tagged for the first time, I am an 'IT' and it's all about me it seems!

I have to tell you ten things about me, which presumably you won't already know, so here goes:
1. I can't stand feet (excuse the pun!) mine or anyone else's - but I do love being barefoot
2. I tend to say I'm 5ft 5" - should anyone actually ask - when really I'm 5ft 4" and a bit
3. I consider myself sociable but do enjoy a bit of solitude and am very happy in my own company
4. I have two tattoos and my bellybutton pierced
5. I hate shopping for clothes
6. Every time I go to see a play/ film/ band play I tell myself I must do this more often
7. Although I regularly still insist I'm a night owl and could stay up all night (honest!) I love going to bed - and find I quite like getting up early these days
8. I always make my To Do list far too long
9. I am forever buying more books despite having loads at home I have yet to read
10. I actually found writing this list trickier than I thought it would be!

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