Thursday, 1 March 2012

Best laid plans

At the beginning of February I was rather pleased with myself! I wrote about being on track with 100K words in 100 days, learning lots as I was going along, and looking forward to carrying this good work on in February. Well that'll teach me to make rash declarations! February has now been and gone and I am a mere 8,402 words further on.

But I've decided to look at it as 38,528 words that I may well have not written if I hadn't been taking part in the challenge - so at least I am making some progress.
And February's been a stark reminder of no matter how well organised you try to be sometimes life just throws a curve ball.  I had a week planned in February when I was going to be away and knew I'd be unlikely to get any writing done then. I also then had unplanned health issues which led to unexpected hospital visits and a mind which was on other matters (although I did actually write about it I've also learned that some things I like to reflect on and give more thought to before sharing with anyone).

I've decided I'm not going to feel that I have failed in any way not keeping up with my planned word count because, quite frankly, life happens and sometimes you just have to put some plans on hold. They can always be picked up again. And there's still 40 days to go...

I have though made progress on my other aim of getting my scribbles out there! I've had articles published on other people's websites, blogs and magazines. I've made progress (that's a good thing), more lessons have been learned (that's a positive thing) and it's now the start of springtime (that's an excellent thing).

So here we go marching on!


  1. Keep March-ing on!
    I had planned to get up early during lent to write the manuscript for my book for an hour before I did anything else. After 2 days of getting up at 6 I was shattered and came to a standstill. I am definitley NOT a morning person or I really must get my thyroid checked out!
    Yes we all make rash declarations but you are still heading in the right direction and so am I, albeit a bit more leisurely than we first hoped!
    Loved your guest blogging btw.

  2. Thanks! Nothing worthwhile is quick and easy (I keep telling myself...) Not a natural morning person either, though it does seem a bit easier in the summer time...! X