Sunday, 10 June 2012

I Dare

Another fab picture prompt from Angela's Visual Dare - this one evoked great memories so is not exactly fiction...! 

I hold the memory in my hand. Golden hair flopping onto his face, absorbed in the words coming to life. Reading was our time, just us two and our own space, doors to the real world shut as the pages opened. Gradually he read to me, then wanted to read by himself, then didn’t want to read. I knock, the safe way to enter a teenager’s bedroom. He sits long limbs crossed, messy mop of hair tumbling forward onto his iPad. Big blue eyes shining curiosity look up, a smile breaks, revealing a dimple, ‘Hi mum.’ Some things don’t change.


  1. AH! How sweet. I love how you captured the maturing boy over time, and from that one snapshot. Lovely!

  2. Oh Sharon, a warm, beautiful journey. Really well done!

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies - really appreciate them! X

  4. Oh that's so gorgeous! I feel the same way about my son (who is generally locked away with his X-Box) But when he looks up and smiles at me...
    Just lovely!