Saturday, 2 June 2012

Dare day

My response to this week's dare from Angela and another inspiring photo (thanks!) is posted below... I'm going to try to use Angela's new whizzy linky thing so fingers crossed (despite being, or so I thought quite comfortable with techy stuff, I'm very definitely still not comfortable with Blogger - and neither is my iPad, which means that I can't at the moment use that to use my blog - very frustrating... Rant over!).

Do take a hop over to Angela's blog which is here, as well as these weekly prompts she is posting some really interesting and useful stuff about plotting and storyboarding... I'm looking forward to reading more.

The water embraced her like an old friend, hugging her close, comfortable and comforting.  She sank into the blissful blanket of calm. No noise, no one else, no thoughts, no things. A precious, tranquil, time stopping slice of stillness. A moment that felt reality was on pause, suspended forever. Then someone pressed the play button. The peace fractured as a muffled noise reached her. She sat up and shook the watery serenity goodbye. As she blinked she heard the cry, 'Muuuum, what are you doing? We need you!' She wiped her eyes, sighed and replied, 'I know, I'm coming.'


  1. First of all - the link worked!! YAY!

    Also: THIS IS GREAT. I love the serenity of the moment, the high piping voice of reality breaking in....I can tell this is where you were at the moment, when you wrote this! Job well done!

  2. Thanks Angela - yep reflecting how I was feeling I think! Your photos for the dares are just fanatastic, I have an immediate response to every one of them X