Friday, 8 June 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugli

It's one week into my vegan venture and it is certainly proving an interesting and enlightening experience. There's been good days, bad days and some in between and I'm learning lots including:
  • how rubbish labelling is on many products and in many supermarkets
  • how many odd and unnecessary ingredients are put into food
  • how having to read the labels doubles the time it take to go shopping
  • how it can save you money if you get fed up, give up and vow not to go shopping there again
  • how something labelled vegetarian, organic or dairy free is not necessarily vegan friendly
  • how going out may mean you can't eat a lot but can still drink a lot - bad combo
  • how fab it is to stay with friends who are vegetarian, and used to be vegan, who cook something wonderful without you feeling like you've been awkward
  • how Bill Clinton and Michelle Pfeiffer are now vegans
  • how you can find some lovely cafes in unexpected places.

And so far I haven't really missed the cheese!

If you want follow my vegan venture, the good, the bad and the ugli fruit I have a facebook page here to like if you like!

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