Sunday, 26 January 2014

Visual Dare - Scrutiny

Pleased to be getting back into the blog writing - and even more pleased to see one of my favourite fun writing prompts is back too!  I tend to focus at the moment more on non fiction but have always loved the fabulous photo prompts Angela finds.  You come up with whatever it inspires you to write in only 150 words - and I love reading the creative snippets from others.

Angela has a new website which is well worth checking out here - Anonymous Legacy

So, here it is, my first Visual Dare for aaaages - and I hope the first of many! Huge thanks Angela.

Who said that? The dapper old man stopped sharply and looked around. He had definitely heard someone call his name. Around him office workers were hurrying by clock watching. They weren't watching him. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a shadow moving. He turned. It wasn't a shadow. He walked back to the black metal sculpture on its concrete plinth. Don't be silly, he shook his head to himself. It's a statue. He started to walk away. 'You'. He had definitely heard that. He spun around. One of its long arms was now stretching out in his direction. Curiosity overcoming nerves, he crept back in front of the squat body. He stood, hands on hips. The statue folded its arms towards its body in imitation. He was frozen, speechless. 'You have something of ours.' A serpent like arm uncurled, pointing at his umbrella. 'We want it back.'

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  1. Mwahaha. Love this. Tension, pacing, with an overall tone that smacks of whimsy, even though you don't see the fantastical elements till almost the end. Wonder what's so important about that umbrella!!