Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hello 2014

New Year's Day - not the best time to make resolutions but a good time to take action and do things. So I'm keen to get back to blogging and here I am!
Last year had huge highs, including running my first ever marathon and trekking through mountains in Cuba - and one or two lows, work and writing not quite going as I'd envisaged. More of all that in blog posts to come. (a commitment there, not a resolution!).

Despite saying it's not the best time to make resolutions I do love this time of year for reflecting on the things and also feeling like it's a time you can kind of draw a line in the sand. You get the chance to have another go, however you want to use it, a time to plan things and start things. In my case start finishing off some things and starting others brand new.

So here is a start - just a short one for now but a start all the same - dipping my toe back into the blogging and writing waters.

So I'll end with a pic of how I started this morning's new year off, with my favourite boy and favourite dog on my favourite beach. A very good start! Happy New Year!

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