Friday, 13 April 2012

Here today...

Gone tomorrow... Or strictly speaking I'll be gone later today as its now past midnight. After a year of planning, plotting, fundraising, tomorrow I'm setting off for Peru to trek up Machu Pichhu in support of Breast Cancer Care.
As ever the organised, sorted, well planned out couple of weeks beforehand id dreamt of having turned out to be frantic, chaotic, ridiculously busy ones. And as ever writing including this blog, my WIP that I'd started to actually get 'in progress' and totting up and reporting back on my result for the 100k words in 100 days challenge are the kind of things that fell off the list. But will all be here for me to do when I get back!

I am a little bit too excited to sleep and have a real mix of anticipation and trepidation about the next ten days ahead. So much is unknown and hard to imagine - how I'll cope with the altitude and sleeping in a tent in freezing temperatures, how we'll all get on as a group of strangers being together 24 hours a day, how will I feel having done it... But it is the opportunity of a lifetime and I'm so glad I'm doing it (I'll remind myself of this when I have the squirts halfway up a mountain with no bathroom for a 4 day radius..)!

So a temporary adieu from moi - though if I can work out how I may try to post an update while en trek... Watch this space!

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