Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sometimes it's just One Of Those Days

Today has been One of Those Days when Things Go Awry and you end up writing about it with an overdose of capital letters.

After a frantic week including a busy Saturday, today was my one full day at home, a day to run through a pitch for tomorrow and catch up on my writing, as well as prepare for another busy week when I'm all over the place (I mean geographically.. but maybe in other ways too..!) and even relax a little.

The warning signs were there early this morning when firstly my coffee pot broke - and then I found my iPhone not charging properly so it is constantly threatening to conk out. Minor problems yes but amazing how much I rely on these things to help keep everything feeling tickety boo.

Son wanted to buy some new bits for school so I said we'd have a drive to the local shopping centre. We went, shopped, didn't hang about as wanted to get back quickly, but when I started the car smoke started coming out of the bonnet. Now I am no expert but I did guess this wasn't a good thing. This was confirmed by teenage son who then went into a foreign language talking about head gaskets and such like. Result was we spent the afternoon waiting for the AA man, getting towed by the AA man to deposit the car at the garage and then getting a lift home by the AA man. Gawd bless the AA man. By the time I got home I was freezing cold, fed up and all my plans were to pot.

I had a stompy walk with the dog, rang my dad to moan about the car, then gave myself a (metaphorical) slap. Of course sometimes Stuff Happens and it's easy and natural to get cross and crabby when days Don't Go To Plan (not least as I hate overusing capitals!) but That's Life. And tomorrow is of course Another Day. Hopefully with fewer capitals...

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  1. Writer with a capital W always sounds good! ;-) Don't lose That Capital Letter - read your article on your falconry day out, sound like fun and read really well.