Friday, 4 November 2011

Happy Days

Day 4 and I'm still rather pleased I'm doing this year's NaMo. Up to 4,523 on the wordage stakes now and although not quite at the 2,000 per day I am aiming for I am not going to beat myself up. Instead focusing on the positives.... so far I have found:
  • It is actually (so far) pleasurable waking up and having a whole hour in the silence and darkness of the early morning to just write without any distractions at all
  • once I am in the 'zone' I do totally lose myself and am finding to my surprise that the words are flowing out and I can manage 1,000 in an undisturbed hour
  • I have managed (again, so far) to switch off from editing mode, ignore the urge of the virtual red pen and just get the words out
  • I find I'm thinking about and planning in my head what I'm going to write next which helps when it comes to picking up the keyboard (and as I seem to have spent quite a lot of time on buses this week helps pass the time constructively too)
  • I am pleased, in a kind not a smug way, with myself for showing to me not anyone else that I can do this.
Days 1- 4 = Happy Days :-)

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