Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tee time!

I have been scribbling stuff recently - just not on here!
One thing I have somehow got myself into - something I have never had a desire to do- is having golfing lessons.  It started out, after a pretty disastrous first ever go on a golf course, as a challenge - there was I have to say a bit of disbelief that I could actually learn how to do it properly. I have still not learned to let things go - as soon as someone says 'I bet you can't...' that's it. I WILL prove them wrong, by hook or by crook! And so, this at times bad habit of mine not to let things go, has got me into having golf lessons and a column in a magazine. The Duff Guide to Golfing may well be added to my list of books in the pipeline...!

Lots more to tell - but for now I will leave you with my first attempt to be Tigress Woods....
on page 30 of Northern Golfer magazine

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