Monday, 1 April 2013

A never ending story

So - here we are then April already - doesn't time fly! I knew I had neglected my blogging a bit but was shocked when I logged on to see the whole month of March didn't exist in my blogging universe! Thought I was going mad as I distinctly recall logging on at least 2 or 3 times and writing posts - but I have just found them saved as drafts - so only going slightly mad, having written but not actually published them.

I have had a busy month, head down, getting on with my e-book on my trip to Machu Picchu (still playing about with possible titles). I decided my first draft needed a lot of work so I just started again pretty much from scratch!  This is now turning into a readable draft (I think) so I'm sending it off to a couple of other people to look at. This is scary because 1) I haven't yet shared it with anyone else and 2) having read it again I can still see a lot that I want to change.

I'm not sure if/ when I will ever be able to take off my editing goggles. It is the bit I enjoy more than the first part of just getting some words out and down on paper - I find that that's hard because I still can't stop myself editing as I go along, so it all becomes quite time consuming!

I am looking forward to getting other people's feedback on it - and I know the people I am sending it to are both honest and constructive. It is like seeing your baby suddenly being judged by others though and I have had to do some stern talking to myself to even get it sent off in the first place!

So - even while the others are looking at it I know I won't be able to resist working on it again - but hopefully when I get their feedback it will give me some direction, focus and reassurance that no, I really don't need to start all over again...!

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