Monday, 15 October 2012

Daring to do it again!

It's also been a while - too long - since I've joined in with the weekly visual dare that Angela sets here
This photo is I think particularly fabulous, so a great time to get back into it - and DARE!!

'Go on' she urged, 'take a look.'I flinched even though she was holding the mirror way back. 'It's ok, honestly. We've fixed it. No-one will recognise you.' I took a breathe, closing my eyes. I could hear the surge of blood rushing around my head and the pulsing thump of my heart. If I opened my eyes there would be no going back. If only I could keep them closed maybe nothing would have to change. It took a second or two to focus. She was right. No-one would recognise me. I was gone.


  1. So glad to see you've dared again - fantastic piece of writing Sharon. xx

  2. Ooh I like that...nice and mysterious...

  3. YAY!!! Welcome back!! This is a fabulous entry - so many unanswered questions, but tied up neatly in a hook that promises to gain momentum very quickly. Lovely work - would love to know more!

  4. Thank YOU Angela!! It's good to be back! X