Thursday, 12 July 2012

Visual dare - distorted

I'm delighted to get time to take part this week in Angela's Visual Dare. I'm not quite sure how I got to this from her fab photo prompt but guess that's part of the fun..! 

Her heavy sealed eyes opened slowly, scouring the room. Strange faces in a photograph stared back, a bright red dress, the kind she would covet but never dare wear was slung over a chair. Was she dreaming or ill, maybe she had a fever. Then droplets of memory started tapping onto her thoughts. Bright lights, sticky smells, a fairground. A dare to go into the tent of Mystic Mags. She’d entered laughing, saying she’d cross her palm with silver. She hears clearly the voice replying ‘so you want a new life, a new you? Well if you're sure my pretty...'


  1. Wah!! One bit of silver, and a life distorted into something wholly new.....LOVE THIS. Holy cow, I want to see her put on that red dress. And be uncomfortable in it. And who is she now?

    I neeeeeeed to knoooooowwww.......!

    Great job!! Love, love, love. Thanks for participating in the Visual Dare!

  2. Really great,didn't expect the ending, thought amnesia or something but your idea so much better :)

  3. A wonderful story.
    That ending was great and caught me by surprise.
    A warning to us all to be careful what we wish for.
    A great read - thanks.