Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Jam tomorrow

Since number-one-and-only Son has been old enough to buy me presents himself, as opposed to his grandma getting something on his behalf or him coming home with something glittery from school, I dont often get surprises. Mostly because he's terrible at keeping whatever it is a secret, and also because, being a geeky type himself, it's a pretty sure thing it will be something tech related.  But this year was rather different.  He asked me what I might like and said I'd love an apple tree for the garden. I'm no Charlie Dimmock but have been getting into digging, planting and growing (as well as killing off) things over the past couple of years.  As an added incentive for him I reminded him that it would tenuously be in keeping with his tech tendencies as he is a total Apple fan - it could be an iTree.

Bleary eyed after a late night, he woke me On Christmas Day carrying in not one but five fruit trees, complete with wrapping paper around them. I am now the proud owner of two apple, one pear, one plum and one cherry tree. (He did also keep up with tradition and got me some headphones and a charger as well!)

So on the last day of the holidays we had the weather and time to get into the garden and plant the trees. I dug, Son assisted, with lots of tips and moans about the cold.

On the same day I took our decorations down and took out the Christmas tree. It seemed odd, the wrong way round, taking a large. healthy looking. blooming green tree for recycling and planting other ones that currently just really look like dead twigs. But, green fingers crossed, I look forward to watching them grow, bloom and become laden with fruit. I have high hopes for them, I am even planning to learn how to make jam...

Out with the old...
 In with the new...

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  1. I hope your little trees survived the winds over the last few days! When I was little we had a Christmas tree with roots and my dad planted it in the garden. He still lives in the house and the tree is now taller than the house and towers over the whole garden. He's too sentimental to get it cut down, though! I still look at the top and imagine sticking a fairy on it!